Conference & Journal Papers

TalkingBoogie: Collaborative Mobile AAC System for Non-verbal Children with Developmental Disabilities and Their Caregivers Conference

Donghoon Shin, Jaeyoon Song, Seokwoo Song, Jisoo Park, Joonhwan Lee, Soojin Jeon
CHI 2020, to appear.

SolutionChat: Real-time Moderator Support for Chat-based Structured Discussion Conference

Sungchul Lee, Jaeyoon Song, Eunyoung Ko, Seongho Park, Jihee Kim, Juho Kim
CHI 2020, to appear.


SoundGlance: Briefing the Glanceable Cues of Web Pages for Screen Reader Users Poster

Jaeyoon Song, Kiroong Choe, Jaemin Jo, Jinwook Seo
CHI 2019 , Extended Abstracts (Late Breaking Work).